This all aluminum design is light enough to carry to your favorite hunting spots, and heavy enough to withstand all types of weather.

No tools required. The Den Tree Blinds are a fully take apart hunting blind, which means the avid hunter can set the blind up from box to hunting in under 5 min.  Each blind has plenty of room for bow or gun hunting.

The blinds are 4ft X 5ft. The blinds sit on a 6ft. or 8ft. fold up tower. Den Tree Blinds are made of 18 gauge aluminum, with extruded corners, not bent. The windows are 12″ high with extruded frames, which means no blind spots. The door is a full walk in design, that is completely sealed. Each blind has carpet. The awnings snap off easily. The floor sits up 2″ taller, so no standing water.




Easy to Assemble